Just as yesterday saw Arrow Season 4 making a handsome addition to its cast, so too has The Flash sped out a major new figure in advance of its Comic-Con 2015 presentation. Masters of Sex star Teddy Sears will play the classic Flash role of Jay Garrick, the appearance of which could well create a major Crisis for Barry Allen in Season 2.

Announced at the panel in a teaser video, Jay Garrick will act as a new hero for the series, which will deal with the threat of DC's Zoom. Flash’s first season finale “Fast Enough” certainly spelled out the character’s arrival by virtue of the famous winged hat flying through Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne’s time portal, while recent casting reports called for a square-jawed hero that fit Jay Garrick’s bill.

We’ve yet to hear many conclusive details of The Flash Season 2, apart from Barry receiving a new love interest, or the continued teasing of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but might tonight’s Comic-Con panel tease more of October 6 premiere “The Man Who Saved Central City?” Who else should speed through The Flash Season 2?

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