Though HBO's eternally buzzing Lena Dunham dramedy 'Girls' made little regular habit of cliffhangers, many found themselves perplexed by the the unusually optimistic ending of season 2 finale "Together," which largely reunited the season 1 couples. That ending was thrown into chaos by the sudden departure of actor Christopher Abbott, for whom the season 2 finale had suggested a larger role, but what do Abbott's castmates have to say about the exit? Preview Marnie's updated outlook in 'Girls' season 3 inside!

'Girls' season 3 won't premiere until early 2014, yet the Golden Globe-winning HBO dramedy has already had to think on its feet in filming new episodes after the abrupt departure of series star Christopher Abbott, who had been set up for an increased role as Marnie's (Allison Williams) returning boyfriend Charlie by the season 2 finale. Following Abbott's exit, Williams spoke to TVLine about her character's altered trajectory for the third season, adjusting to the unintentional narrative changes.

“It’s almost as if we skipped her third season and have gone on to single Marnie,” Williams said of the change. "[The offscreen breakup] means that Marnie is now piecing herself back together." Recent set photos have surfaced depicting the character in heavy states of training, as “Marnie is working out her demons with exercise. That’s a big part of her life: She’s deciding that fitness is something to channel her anger into.”

Elsewhere, little is known of ‘Girls’ season 3, other than its 2014 airdate, expansion to 12 episodes, and recent casting calls that suggested a character would somehow end up in rehab. 'Doctor Who' star Richard E. Grant will take a role in the 2014 premiere as "Jasper," while ‘The New Normal‘ and occasional ‘Girls’ star Andrew Rannells also expects he’ll return.

What say you? Were you surprised to hear that 'Girls' season 3 would have to alter course following Christopher Abbott's departure? Where would you like to see the characters end up next season?