Of the many Batman characters paraded through Gotham’s first FOX season, few proved so perfunctory as a Harvey Dent three times Bruce’s age and with anger issues already in place. Well, good news, Gotham fan! Nicholas D’Agosto will flip coins and double-pun through Season 2 as a series regular.

D’Agosto himself confirmed the news over Twitter, FOX having apparently optioned the actor’s deal from Season 1, which included a possible elevation the following year. Similarly elevated to series regular was Morena Baccarin’s Dr. Leslie Thompkins, while we’ve yet to hear if Chris Chalk’s Lucius Fox will put in any more regular appearances.

Elsewhere, we know of Gotham Season 2 that producers will to incorporate such Bat-baddies as Clayface, the Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, Tommy Elliot, and potentially even the Court of Owls, while early episodes will serve as a “pre-embryonic” (sigh) origin story for the Joker. Season 2 will also feature Bruce crafting his more public billionaire persona for use later in his Bat-career, while still continually investigating his parents’ murder, and Jada Pinkett’s Fish Mooney has left the series.

The Bat-drama is also looking to cast two new villainous roles for the year, a “male DC villain” described concisely as “intelligent, cultured and highly articulate […] extremely attractive, both seductive and threatening,” as well as a female mid-to-late 20s “sexy knock-out.” Any guesses?

Gotham Season 2 will return on Mondays this fall.

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