Troubled though FOX’s Gotham may be, Season 2 has set some strong talent to help facilitate Bruce Wayne’s batty origins. Following the addition of one major big bad, Gotham Season 2 has cast both Jessica Lucas in the role of DC’s Tigress, as well as The Goldbergs star Dustin Ybarra in a recurring role as a hungry new villain.

Following his role as (distrustworthy) billionaire industrialist Theo Galavan, actor James Frain will be joined by Jessica Lucas as sibling enforcer Tabitha, described as sexy and violent, with bullwhip in tow. Apart from a likely mentor for Selina Kyle (Camren Bicandova, our speculation, but still), as well the converse of her cold and calculating brother, Tabitha derives a sensual pleasure from the mayhem she’s tasked with making.

Apart from that, Zap2It reveals that  Dustin Ybarra will play a homicidal cannibal locked up in Arkham for murdering and eating more than a dozen women. You know, like one does.

Elsewhere of Gotham Season 2, we at least know the second run will see elevated regulars from Chris Chalk’s Lucius Fox, Nicholas D’Agosto’s Harvey Dent, and Morena Baccarin’s Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Producers will incorporate such Bat-baddies as Clayface, the Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, Tommy Elliot, and potentially even the Court of Owls, while early episodes will serve as a “pre-embryonic” (sigh) origin story for the Joker. Season 2 will also feature Bruce crafting his more public billionaire persona for use later in his Bat-career, while still continually investigating his parents’ murder.

Gotham Season 2 will return on Mondays this fall, and presumably have more to say at Comic-Con 2015, but do the latest additions seem worth a bite?

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