Just over a month from its premiere, Jessica Jones blessed us with a second Season 2 trailer. This time gave just a few hints of the hard-drinking Marvel heroine’s sinister origins, so we couldn’t help diving deeper into every frame of footage.

Beware of major SPOILERS, and check out everything we found in our inside look at the secrets of Netflix’s new Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer!

The Accident

Right off the bat, we’re in for some vehicular carnage that’s implied to be the accident Jessica is “drinking to forget.” Don’t be fooled though, as both still photos and another view of this roadside explosion at 1:50 distinctly place a present-day Jessica at the scene.

In fact, the accident/explosion probably takes place at some point after Jessica’s “great power” line from the previous trailer, given the way the trees/passenger side line up.

Defenders Aftermath

That said, the fact that Jessica’s still bar-hopping at all tells us that her experience in The Defenders didn’t do much to quiet her demons, nor did snapping the neck of her tormentor, David Tennant’s Kilgrave. At the very least, her apartment is looking better.

IGH Experiments

My whole family was killed in a car accident. Someone did horrific experiments on me, and now this ‘super-vigilante’ s--- keeps coming at me.

This shot at 0:29 is the first we’ve actually seen of the experiment that granted Jessica her powers (in Season 1, she was still calling it an “accident”). This hallway and complex appears again in flashbacks at 0:47, 0:51 and more, so we’ll come back to that.

A Super New Man

At 0:33 we have a closer look at Arrow alum J.R. Ramirez as Jessica’s new building super and eventual lover, judging by the shot at 1:49 (as well as one from the previous trailer).

His son gives the trailer’s MCU reference du jour, asking if Jessica knows Captain America (at least they’re not saying “Flag-Waver”). Interestingly, one of the character’s most notable comic cases actually had her uncovering Captain America’s secret identity by accident.

Alias Expands

At around 0:38, we meet House of Cards star Terry Chen in an unnamed role as someone looking to absorb Alias Investigations. Given we see Jessica staking him out moments earlier by skyscraper, and laying a serious beatdown on him at 1:29, we’re guessing it doesn’t go over very well.

Family History

We see multiple instances of Jessica investigating her family’s accident and the origin of her powers, but a clearer 0:49 look at the three death certificates conclusively identifies them as belonging to her mother, Alisa Jones, as well as that of her younger brother, Phillip. We’ll come back to the below shot of Jessica and her brother at a Ferris wheel as well.

The Investigation

We were made here. Me, and something else. The only way to find it … is to open the door wider.

The trailer definitively implies that Jessica was one of multiple experiment subjects, as we see her and Trish investigating a facility at 0:56, before an unidentified figure tackles her. We also see Jessica (alone, and in different clothes) exploring the same hallway facility from her flashback.

Our New Big Bad?

At 1:10 we get our first look at White Queen alum Janet McTeer’s unnamed character, who suggests that Jessica was brought back from the dead, and her powers were a side effect. We also see the woman running and getting tossed around by Jessica at 1:27, and it doesn’t look as if Jessica’s being too careful. Hmm.

And hey – let’s not forget the Ferris wheel at 1:11. We saw that same one in a photo with Jessica’s brother earlier. Perhaps there’s a reason her sibling keeps popping up, or why that moment was chosen for the “how many others are there” line …

Who Framed Jessica Jones?

The trailer also shows multiple instances of bodies dropping around Jessica’s home, including this unfortunate fellow at 1:17, and another buried beneath some construction rubble at 1:20, both implied to be the work of “a killer you cannot control.”

Considering Jessica will end up in jail at some point (she’s even arrested in the trailer), it seems likely she’s been framed for the crime. By who, you ask? Almost assuredly Janet McTeer’s character, as we see a similarly-garbed and frizzy-haired woman kicking the above guy into the van. Guess we know why Jessica wasn’t being too careful tossing her around.

Claws Out

Jessica might not want a sidekick, but she needs one.

It’s still doubtful Rachael Taylor’s Trish will be suiting up as her comic “Hellcat” alter-ego anytime soon, but at least her Krav Maga skills are being put to good use.


We’d guess the shots of Jessica in a cell at 1:30 aren’t long after her arrest, considering she’s wearing the same clothes as in the handcuffed publicity shot (including a bandage for the hand she’s examining here). Looks like the NYPD has even learned their lesson about how to hold super-strong heroes.

Ashes to Ashes

This shot of ashes at 1:41 is interesting, and doesn’t appear to line up with any of the other explosions from the trailer. It might, however, have something to do with the charred human skull we see Jessica uncovering at 1:44.

Someone Needs a Lawyer

Why so glum, Jeri? Carrie-Anne Moss’ hard-edged lawyer isn’t one for extreme emotions, so something bad must have happened to get her crying at 1:45, and seemingly partying with hookers at 1:47.

The Monster Within

It takes a monster to stop a monster.

It’s back to that same hallway at 1:46, as we see what appears to be a monstrous, charred figure breaking out. Might this be another flashback, tied to the earlier shots of young Jessica on the ground? And perhaps the same “killer you cannot control” Jeri mentioned?

Back in Purple

And while the trailer still mostly treats it as a secret, the closing shots of Jessica bathed in purple and taunted by clapping hands are almost certainly a hint of David Tennant’s return as Kilgrave. Flashback? Vision? Psychic projection? Curiouser, and curiouser.

Well, what do we think? Does Jessica Jones Season 2 seem like the best Marvel Netflix joint yet? What other details from the trailer are worth another look? Stay tuned for the latest, and get ready for the March 8 premiere!

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