For all the hype surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the past month, we still haven’t seen very much in the way of new looks for our favorite characters. Nearly every shot of the trailer and officially sanctioned image from Lucasfilm has shown heroes like Rey and Finn, and villains like Phasma and Kylo Ren as we saw them last in The Force Awakens. Aside from new toy packaging and the rare t-shirt design, there hasn’t even been very little headway into different haircuts for these characters.

That changes today however, due largely to Star Wars Battlefront II’s pre-order materials. Thanks to io9 and the fastidious Redditors at r/StarWarsLeaks, we now have a bit of an idea what Rey and Kylo Ren will look like in the upcoming eighth episode of the Star Wars saga proper.

star wars battlefront 2 rey kylo last jedi preorder

The Irish Gamestop website posted up some new promotional materials for Star Wars Battlefront II, which hype the pre-order incentives for the upcoming shooter sequel. Announced with a proper reveal trailer at Star Wars Celebration just a few weeks ago, Star Wars Battlefront II will take place across all eras of the Star Wars saga. That means in addition to including the prequels, it will also mark the first time the Force Awakens era is represented in a console video game.

We knew Rey and Kylo would be playable characters already, but the default versions included at launch will be of those we’d seen in the 2015 movie. To entice players to reserve copies of Battlefront II, EA is offering new skins for these characters that better reflect how they’ll look in the upcoming sequel. What’s more, the images used are billed as “production stills,” meaning they’re as official as it gets and not just in-game renders or artistic interpretations.

As you can see, Rey will still be rocking Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, but she’s ditching the three-bun hair style for one that doesn’t require as much maintenance. You’ll also notice she’s in more Jedi-appropriate clothing, with a style that calls back to the order in the prequel era without compromising too much on her Jakku roots. It’s not quite as unique as her Acht-To garb, but the new clothing certainly does bring her closer to the Jedi than she was when she finally found Luke on the desolate water planet.

Kylo Ren’s alterations aren’t quite as drastic, but he will apparently be ditching his helmet and cloak for a more traditional cape. He’s still got that big ol’ belt, and is clearly not giving up on the Sith blacks, but him not covering his face anymore is an interesting choice. It calls back in a way to Anakin in the prequels, who you might remember rocking a fairly significant facial scar before turning completely to the Dark Side of the Force in Revenge of the Sith.

It’s also worth pointing out that both characters will come with skins for Hero vehicles during the ship battle multiplayer segments. Rey gets an updated look for the Millennium Falcon, which was in the first Battlefront, and Kylo gets a special skin for an unnamed First Order fighter. This is the first mention we’ve seen of the First Order getting a Hero ship in Battlefront II, and that one comes with a special Kylo Ren skin could allude to his being a competent pilot like his grandfather. Darth Vader did have a signature TIE Fighter, and will be interesting to see just what this new ship looks like in any form.

Star Wars Battlefront II will be out on November 17. Star Wars: The Last Jedi follows exactly one month later on December 17.

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