Despite still lacking an official Jessica Jones photo (Seriously, Marvel?), Luke Cage has repeatedly powered up its main cast over the past few weeks, albeit without many official confirmations. Now, the big M has stepped forward to lock down Alfre Woodard’s role as Mariah Dillard, offering new details of her relationship to Luke Cage with a teasery new photo.

Where initially Woodard’s character was reported as local Harlem politician “Minetta,” rather than Luke Cage antagonist “Black Mariah,” the truth will split the difference somewhat. According to Marvel, Woodard will appear in the role of politician Mariah Dillard, cousin to Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (House of Cards alum Mahershala Ali):

Woodard will play Mariah Dillard, a local Harlem politician–and cousin to recently announced Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (Mahershala Ali)--who is looking to bring a new era of change to the streets she grew up on. Her personal life and professional career are thrown into turmoil by both Harlem’s newest hero Luke Cage as well as her cousin Cottonmouth’s nefarious acts.

Thus far of Netflix’s Luke Cage, we know that Mike Colter will first debut the character in an unspecified number of Jessica Jones episodes (already seen to be super-durable as well), before headlining his own series in 2016. Sons of Anarchy vet Theo Rossi will play “Shades” Alvarez, alongside Frank Whaley’s Detective Rafael Scarfe and Simone Missick’s Misty Knight, while Marvel menace  “Diamondback” has also been rumored to appear.

Rosario Dawson has also been confirmed her reprise her go-between character of Claire Temple, who herself originated in Marvel comics as a love interest of Luke Cage. Cheo Hodari Coker will showrun the third Marvel Netflix drama, believed to be beginning production in the near future.

Luke Cage will debut on Netflix in 2016, following Jessica Jones’ November 20 release, but what can we learn from Woodard’s role? Will any details drop at New York Comic-Con 2015?

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