As if that headline didn’t clue you in, there are some big spoilers ahead regarding Marvel’s Civil War II comic book series. The third issue, which hits stands today, features the death — or murder, basically — of one of the company’s oldest, most beloved characters, and the culprit is almost just as surprising. If you prefer to remain unspoiled, turn back now. Otherwise, read on for the details.

In Civil War II, an Inhuman character named Ulysses has a precognitive ability that allows him to see future events — which also gives the Avengers the chance to stop those events before they unfold, sort of like Minority Report. The team is split — again! — between those who want to intervene and those who do not. That divide was deepened when one of Ulysses’ visions inspired the team to take action, effectively stopping one of Thanos’ evil plots but resulting in the death of Rhodey.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the latest issue brings another death, and this time it’s much, much bigger. In the previous issue, written by Brian Michael Bendis, the Avengers simultaneously share Ulysses’ vision of Bruce Banner Hulking out and murdering a bunch of his pals. Issue #3 sees Carol Danvers and Tony Stark confronting Banner in his lab while the superheroes (including the X-Men and the Inhumans) congregate outside.

Banner has made peace with himself and has not had an “incident” in over a year, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t or won’t Hulk out again. And since he’s been conducting experiments with gamma rays (like, really, dude?! Come on), his pals are understandably concerned. Banner gets a bit upset during a confrontation with everyone outside, and the next thing you know, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, lays him to waste with an arrow.

Later, while standing trial for murder, Clint claims that Banner entrusted him with a special arrow in case he ever needed to be put down. He goes on to explain that he saw a flash of green in Banner’s eyes, and given Ulysses’ terrifying vision of what would happen if the Hulk returned, Clint made a judgment call.

Yes, Bruce Banner is dead, but we still have Amadeus Cho to take up the Hulk mantle. And given the nature of comic books, it’s likely that Banner will eventually return and possibly share the title alongside Cho just as Miles Morales and Peter Parker continue to co-exist. Still, Banner’s death is a pretty big deal, and one that’s likely to rankle some fans, particularly since the character had found a way to live peacefully.