A few weeks ago, reports surfaced online that Rosario Dawson had been cast in the second season of Disney+’s hit Star Wars series The MandalorianAnd not only was Dawson going to join the cast, she was going to play Ahsoka Tano, the beloved Jedi apprentice from the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. This, supposedly, would be the character’s first real live-action appearance.

Now Dawson herself has commented on those rumors, in a new interview with Variety. In short: The deal ain’t done yet, although as Dawson describes it, it definitely sounds like a strong possibility that she will eventually wind up on The Mandalorian. Here’s what she said about the Ahsoka Tano news:

‘That’s not confirmed yet but when that happens, I will be very happy. I’m very excited for that to be confirmed at some point,’ she said, adding it would be ‘a million and one percent because of the fans.’

After a very successful premiere season last November and December, The Mandalorian Season 2 was scheduled to return to Disney+ this fall. That was before coronavirus, though. After coronavirus, who knows? Productions for film and television are currently shut down all over the world, and articles have recently focused on the issues that Disney will particularly struggle with during a prolonged shutdown, because of the large parts of their business (theme parks, cruise ships) that will take the longest to return to full speed. The longer this continues, the less likely you can expect to see The Mandalorian return in 2020.

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