Star Wars Rebels will bring return quite a bit of Clone Wars goodness with its Season 2 premiere in June, but wouldn’t you know it, the past iteration of Star Wars’ animated branch still has more fruit to bear. Following the “Lost Missions” and new details revealed at Star Wars Celebration, Clone Wars offers a look at four unfinished episodes from the mysterious “Bad Batch” arc.

As released over, the four roughly-animated Clone Wars episodes follow a group of malformed clones changed into super-soldiers and sent on dangerous missions (via IGN). Not only that, but the arc also details the fate of Clone Wars character Echo, previously thought dead in a prior season.

Granted, Rebels has gone a long way toward addressing the sudden Clone Wars cancellation in picking up its unfinished arcs, it’s especially impressive how much material the animated prequel series left behind for a potential seventh season. Disney’s reign over the Star Wars franchise has kept its properties geared toward the original trilogy and The Force Awakens, though the many Clone Wars retrospectives since have certainly helped fans hold on to the prior era.

You can check out the unfinished Clone Wars episodes at the link above (along with the panel presentation at the very top), but will Rebels soon eclipse its predecessor as the definitive Star Wars animated series?

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