Just when you thought The CW would take a breather from its four-night superheroics, in swoops our first look at Supergirl’s premiere in 2017. Our first trailer sees not only the return of Dichen Lachman’s Roulette, but also a red sun, and a first look at Kevin Smith’s Supergirl directorial debut.

The CW released a first trailer for Supergirl’s January 23 return, dubbed “Supergirl Lives” for the Kevin Smith episode of the same name (which itself was named for Smith’s Superman Lives script). In it, we see a bit more Guardian action, as well what appears to be Supergirl stepping through a portal to an alien world, whose eclipsed sun negates Kara’s invulnerability.

Also on deck for the back half of Supergirl Season 2, we know DC trickster Mr. Mxyzptlk will be dropping by for two episodes, while another (or the same) pair of episodes will see Kara re-teaming with The Flash for a musical extravaganza. We’ll also learn a bit more of those mysterious folk chasing after Mon-El (Chris Wood), and even meet up with those pesky Dominators again.

And hey – maybe a little Cat Grant? Keep hope alive!

In the meantime, watch the full trailer above, and stay tuned for more from Supergirl’s 2017 return.

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