Producers of The Flash have been promising for weeks now that a certain psychic super-primate would make a formal debut after his initial teases, and by Grodd, did they deliver. Watch DC’s Gorilla Grodd arrive to his full speaking glory in last night’s closing Flash tag from “Fallout!”

It remains to be seen if The CW’s DC drama will ever feature Grodd as a villain outright, what with the expensive CGI work likely required, but last night’s “Fallout” still gave the amazing ape his due, capitalizing on teases as far back as The Flash pilot. Where previously we’d seen the ape in shadows, scrawling his name in an sewer wall, this time around Reverse Flash took matters into his own hands by dragging General Eiling (Clancy Brown) into the sewer as revenge, simultaneously unmasking as Harrison Wells for the first time onscreen.

We’d doubt if The Flash was really willing to throw away Clancy Brown on an offscreen death, even one so awesome as introducing “Not God” Grodd, so hopefully the gorilla villain proves forgiving enough to return the General at some point. After all,  we’ve also got time-travel, Tricksters, Weather Wizards, Rogues and Bug-Eyed Bandits to contend with in Season 1, so The Flash may keep Grodd activity ambiguous in the near future.

However the tree shakes out, watch Gorilla Grodd’s official Flash introduction above, and start drooling over future appearances!

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