Arrow Season 4 stole a bit of spotlight from Comic-Con 2015 in introducing Oliver’s flashy new threads, but The Flash Season 2 better lives up to that description with an upgrade of his own. Barry Allen is rocking some classic white lightning for his Season 2 costume, but what might it mean for the speedy CW series?

The CW released our first look at The Flash’s Season 2 costume, which more closely follows the comics with a white background behind the lightning bolt logo, as opposed to the first season’s red. Future Barry was also seen to adopt a much redder hue overall with the white logo, while Cisco himself drew a bit of timey-wimey inspiration from a future glimpse of Flash’s 2024 threads.

The Flash Season 2 Costume White
The CW

That said, the Barry Allen we’ve seen on set for Season 2 is still rocking the red logo look, leading us to wonder what inspires Grant Gustin’s central hero to (eventually) make the change. As tends to be the case with these costume releases, Warner Bros. may simply have intended to head off photographers from snapping less flattering looks at the new costume on set.

Elsewhere, we know of The Flash Season 2 that The Messengers alum Shantel VanSanten will guest as DC character and Barry’s new love interest Patty Spivot, joining Masters of Sex alum Teddy Sears as Golden Age speedster Jay Garrick, former WWE wrestler Edge’s Atom Smasher, and Season 2 big bad Zoom. We’ll also meet fellow Flash Wally West, and see the returns of Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and Golden Glider (including their father), and likely others.

What other secrets and castings of The Flash Season 2 will emerge before its October 6 premiere? Will Barry celebrate becoming “The Man Who Saved Central City” with some new duds, or is something deeper at play here? Keep it here to find out!

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