After waiting patiently for that 'Thor 2' trailer that first made its debut during Comic-Con 2013, fans were rewarded handsomely during YouTube's Geek Week. This new extended look at the god of thunder's sequel proved fruitful in unveiling tons of new footage to gawk at, though there are still plenty of juicy secrets to be unearthed. To learn more about what's to come, we've taken an even closer look at the new trailer by breaking down select moments.

[Beware of potential spoilers ...]

First things first, watch the 'Thor 2' trailer again HERE. Now, here's some things you might have missed ...

So what happened to Loki (Tom Hiddleston) after his bro Thor (Chris Hemsworth) dragged him off in chains back to Asgard at the end of 'The Avengers'? He put him in a magical hamster cage.

But Loki is full of tricks. Maybe he used one of his hologram-y illusions to trap those Dark Elves in his own prison. One thing is for sure, that look on his face means he's up to no good.

One thing Marvel said would be different about 'Thor 2' is that audiences would get a much more detailed look at Asgard. We'll get to more stills of those moments later on ...

Thor will reunite with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), and she presumably resides in London along with ...

... Yay! It's Kat Dennings! The actress said she had to fly back to London not too long ago for some 'Thor 2' reshoots. So perhaps we'll see more of her in this film than we previously thought.

Help me, Jane Foster. You're our only hope. Oh yeah, right, there's also a love story element to this.

And away to Asgard!

Speak of the devil -- aren't waterfalls just so freaking relaxing?

And another shot!

Enough exceedingly visceral imagery. Back to the story. We're assuming this is Christopher Eccleston's Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves, awaking from his slumber.

Idris Elba's Heimdall is back, too! He's got all the answers. "[Malekith] is only known to a few." "Only to one." Hmm, we wonder who that could be?

Yup, Loki knows what's up. Though, rightfully, Thor doesn't fully trust him. Notice his brother is still in handcuffs.

How does Loki know where Malekith's spaceship resides? Has it remained in the same place for millions of years?

And this is just a cool shot of them two together.

Loki better watch out, though, 'cause Volstagg, Sif and a bitch-slap-wielding Jane Foster will make him regret it.

If you thought Sif's shade throwing at Foster from the last trailer was threatening, you better watch out for her sword hand.

So apparently Foster with her knowledge of astrophysics is the only one with knowledge of how to stop Malekith? Or perhaps disarm his weapon?

Here's where things get spoilery. We reported a ton of spoilers that were leaked back in the day, and here we see at least one of them is spot on -- some character is going to bite the dust and here's the Asgardian funeral ceremony to prove it.

Malekith is ready for battle outside his fortress of solitude.

Some of the first set photos leaked from 'Thor 2' production featured this scenery where presumably a small village is ransacked by the Dark Elves.

If you thought Chris Hemsworth wasn't going to take his shirt off, you're seriously mistaken.

It's hammer time!

Here's the biggest spoiler of all -- 'Thor 2' is actually a spinoff of 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' Tell us that's not Benedict Cumberbatch's ship?

After Jane comes to Asgard, the kingdom is hit with an attack by Malekith and his followers. By the looks of it, he's got Thor's girl and mom, Frigga, cornered. [SPOILER] Remember when we said someone was going to die ...

And here we have some Christ imagery as Loki (see him in the lower left corner) offers up Jane to Malekith. Guess he doesn't stay good for too long. Also, see the figure in the middle? We're guessing that's Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's Kurse, Malekith's right-hand man who was transformed into this superstrong being from his original form, Algrim.

If we were bringing about the end of London, we'd take a similar pose.

There's that ship again. We're assuming this is how the Dark Elves infiltrate Asgard. Not so subtle, guys.

From the first trailer, we know that Thor is trying to get to Jane to save her from Malekith's clutches. Will he succeed? Probably.

At least there's some good still left in Loki.

Yay! More Dennings. Jane needs her trusty team to defeat science ... We mean Malekith!

Is this the bomb or whatever that's going to destroy the universe?

Don't forget Stellan Skarsgard's Erik Selvig. "We don't have much time." When is there ever a lot of time?

So something blows up here ...

And Thor always throws down the hammer of justice! Expect an awesome fight to go down in London, though we already knew that from leaked set pics.

And look at this guy. It doesn't matter that he looks like The Thing from 'Fantastic Four' -- and who we now know, thanks to CBM, is probably of the Kronan race -- he doesn't stand a chance against the god of thunder. Shall we watch that scene again and again?