The premiere of 'True Blood's fifth season is little over two weeks away, but not every bit of prep for the season involves spoiling new episodes, watching people cry, or even learning about the mistakes vampires make.  Sometimes we like a good bit of behind-the-scenes, and the latest news on 'True Blood's future is certainly a cause to crack open a bottle.

Deadline reports that 'True Blood' has tapped Mark Hudis to pick up show-running duties for a (likely) sixth season, after the departure of longtime show-runner and co-creator Alan Ball.  Hudis previously worked as a co-executive producer on the Charlaine Harris-adapted series, prior to taking on management of the series.

Though a season 6 renewal has yet to be confirmed (come on, why wouldn't they?), Hudis would potentially be moving up for Season 6 as part of an overall deal with with HBO, a two-year pact that also includes a development component.  Similarly, Ball's departure doesn't preclude his overall deal at HBO, which includes continued involvement with 'True Blood' as well as executive producing new series 'Banshee' for HBO sibling Cinemax.

Hudis has been a part of 'True Blood' since season 4 and worked on season 5, which premieres on HBO Sunday, June 10. Hudis and Ball previously worked together on the CBS comedy 'Cybill,' where they co-wrote several episodes. Hudis’ other series credits also include 'That ’70s Sho'w and Showtime’s 'Nurse Jackie.'

What say you?  Can Hudis handle show-running duties on 'True Blood,' or is the show even less without Ball?  What are you looking for from future seasons?  Give us your take in the comments below!