Just when you think AMC has the market cornered on show-runner drama, HBO injects some new blood into 'True Blood.' Following series creator Alan Ball's departure from the series after its fifth season, it seems Ball's replacement Mark Hudis is similarly being replaced, prior to wrapping on season 6. Longtime 'True Blood' presence Brian Buckner will take the reigns going forward, but is there trouble in 'True Blood's future?

No one would necessarily accuse HBO's 'True Blood' of having a concise direction in its first five seasons under series creator Alan Ball, but it seems the series has been rocked by some more behind-the-scenes turmoil. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ball's replacement show-runner Mark Hudis has stepped down from 'True Blood' to focus on his overall deal with HBO, while series veteran writer and producer Brian Buckner will assume command of the vampire soap.

Ball left following 'True Blood' season 5 to focus on his new Cinemax series 'Banshee,' where Hudis joined the series as a co-executive producer in season 4, prior to his promotion. By contrast, Buckner has been with the series since the very beginning.

Along with the recent upgrade of season 5 guest star and former ‘Last Resort’ star Robert Patrick to series regular, ‘True Blood’ season 6 features Rubicon’s Arliss Howard as  Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell, ‘Eastenders’ star Robert Kazinsky as a series regular and new Fae love interest to Sookie, along with Rutger Hauer’s sinister Macklyn.

Few other details are available on the sixth season of HBO’s fang-banging hit, though it’s known that ‘True Blood’ season 6 will o take place over 10 episodes, down from the usual 12, largely to accommodate series star Anna Paquin’s pregnancy with co-star Stephen Moyer.

What say you? Are you still confident in 'True Blood' season 6 with Brian Buckner replacing Mark Hudis so soon into his run? What do you hope to see when the HBO vampire drama returns?

Well, what say you? Are you excited for a bit of fresh meat in ‘True Blood’ season 6? What do you most hope to see from the new season?

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