We're just weeks from the sixth season premiere of HBO's 'True Blood,' and for as many trailers and teasers that have been thrown at us, a major curveball seems to have come our way. Cinema icon Rutger Hauer had previously been announced as the series regular role of the mysterious "Macklyn," but has his true identity now been outed? And what's with his insane hair?

'True Blood' season 6 will premiere on Sunday, June 16, but it seems a key bit of information for the new season has leaked early. Where previously Rutger Hauer revealed to play the mysterious role of "Macklyn," suspected to have something to do with the "M. Warlow" responsible for Jason and Sookie's orphaning, the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly reveals a different story entirely.

Identifying the character as "Niall Brigant," EW describes Hauer's character thusly:

The super-super-old faerie debuts in the premiere to help relatives Sookie and Jason (Ryan Kwanten). Powers? "I show them a few tricks," says Hauer, 69. That hair? His snowy mane doesn't always look shocked. "There is this electric moment where my hair stands up. That was only in a scene and a half. Funny enough, the next day that picture showed up on the Internet. It was amazing."

Granted that producers never directly claimed Hauer would be playing a vampire in the new season, it does seem a bit off to have identified the character as "Macklyn" so long before now. As is the case with 'True Blood,' however, we could easily be set up for another reveal midway through the season after all.

‘True Blood’ season 6 features a showrunner change from Mark Hudis to Bryan Buckner, while season 5 guest star and former ‘Last Resort’ star Robert Patrick has been upgraded to series regular. Also present are the return of Anna Camp‘s Sarah Newlin, Luke Grimes as the “Jim Morrison of vampires,” ‘Rubicon’ star Arliss Howard as the sinister Governor Truman Burrell, ‘House‘s’ Karolina Wydra, and ‘Eastenders’ star Robert Kazinsky as a series regular and new Fae love interest to Sookie.

Well, what say you? Do you think we're being mislead about Rutger Hauer's character? What surprises do you think 'True Blood' season 6 has in store? Let us know in the comments, after the most recent trailer!