The moment Agent Carter Season 2 confirmed Peggy Hollywood-bound, fans had to wonder how much of the original cast would make the transition along with her. Lyndsy Fonseca’s best gal Angie Martinelli seemed like a natural choice, though Agent Carter has only now confirmed the character’s return, and only then for the weirdest Dancing With the Stars crossover you never expected.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the ninth episode of Season 2 will feature Fonseca’s return in a dream sequence of sorts, after both Peggy and Jarvis have been knocked out. It gets a bit trippy, so we’ll let co-showrunner Michele Fazekas explain:

Episode 8 ends with a cliffhanger where Peggy and Jarvis [James D’Arcy] get in big trouble and are knocked out. Episode 9 begins with a dream sequence that starts in black and white — by the way, [Atwell] was made for black and white. She looks like Rita Hayworth. She looks spectacular.

If that weren’t unusual enough, the sequence will then turn to color, launching into a Broadway musical dance number to an original song from lyricist David Zippel and composer Christopher Lennertz. The sequence itself will be choreographed by Dancing with the Stars’ Louis van Amstel, also featuring dancers the likes of Dmitry Chaplin, Karina Smirnoff, Anna Trebunskaya, Sasha Farber, Damian Whitewood, Robert Roldan, Malene Ostergaard, Amanda Balen, Serge Onik, Jenya Shatilova, Lacey Escabar, Alla Kocherga and Paul Kirkland.

Still not getting it? Or at least what Angie has to do with any of that?

She’s your conscience and she’s speaking the things that Peggy maybe can’t say to herself. It ties things back together from the first season and it’s connecting all of these things in a way that only a dream can do.

Elsewhere of Agent Carter Season 2, we know that The Newsroom alum Wynn Everett will play our new big bad Madame Masque, along with Currie Graham as her husband, Ken Marino as a notable mobster, Kurtwood Smith as War Department vet Vernon Masters, Outlander star Lotte Verbeek as Jarvis’ wife Ana, and Devious Maids alum Reggie Austin as Jason Wilkes, a quirky, yet charismatic scientist, and (definitely) Peggy’s new love interest.

Both Dominic Cooper and Bridget Regan have been confirmed to reprise their roles as Howard Stark and “Dottie Underwood,” joining James D’Arcy, Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray’s Edwin Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, and Jack Thompson, respectively.

We’ll be waiting for Agent Carter Season 2 on January 19, but what should we make of such a crazy crossover?

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