Directing The Flash has made Kevin Smith notably busier than usual, precipitating not only a Mallrats series, but a return to Central City in Season 3, while the comic director also noted his interest in writing for Arrow Season 5. Well, according to Stephen Amell, we at least know Smith won’t end up behind the camera for DC’s emerald archer, but that could very well change.

Keep in mind that Smith himself had previously voiced a desire to write for Arrow, particularly to introduce his own comic creation Onomatopoeia, a recent Facebook chat at least saw Amell (somewhat) dispelling notions that Smith would direct any Season 5 episodes:

I’d say [chances of Smith ever directing Arrow] are good. He’s not directing one this year, unless things change, which they always can, and they already have, so please try to interpret that the best way you can.

Amell also mentioned having read the first few scripts, though little in the way of directors (having previously announced stunt coordinator James Bamford to helm 501 and 502), and it’s certainly early to have any majority of Season 5 directors mapped out regardless. That’s likely what Amell referred to with suggestions that things can change, but Smith seems reasonably busy beyond a Flash return anyway.

In addition to The Wire star Chad Coleman taking the role of new baddie Tobias Church, wayward vigilantism appears to be a major theme for Arrow Season 5, following the return of Madison McLaughlin as a new Artemis, as well additions of Rick Gonzalez’s Wild Dog, and Josh Segarra’s “Vigilante.” Carly Pope has also joined in a recurring role as a Coast City reporter, with a comic attachment to Green Lantern.

Elsewhere of Season 5, we know Stephen Amell has also downplayed the likelihood of The Flash’s time-turning twist affecting any Arrow chronology, also teasing both a new suit and “vicious” premiere one-take. We’ll also have Echo Kellum elevated to series regular as Curtis Holt, and Colton Haynes reportedly returning as Roy Harper for a number of episodes.

We’ll likely hear more of Arrow Season 5 on the road to Comic-Con 2016, but what other surprises should we expect?

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