Arrow Season 4 didn’t fail fans of Comic-Con 2015, debuting a new costume, villain and DC details by its Superhero Saturday panel, but Oliver Queen has officially taken one more step toward his comic namesake. We now know the title of October’s Arrow Season 4 premiere, and it look like Malcolm’s Season 1 naming suggestion has finally stuck.

As confirmed by executive producer Marc Guggenheim himself over Twitter, Arrow Season 4 will commence on October 7 with premiere title “Green Arrow,” confirming (or at least insinuating a major step toward) Oliver returning to vigilante duty with a moniker matching his comic counterpart.

Of course, Malcolm Merlyn had joked as early as Season 1 that the “Hood” vigilante might call himself as such, while Season 3 firmly established that Oliver had at least taken to calling himself “The Arrow.” Ollie’s snazzy new costume doesn’t look completely devoid of his old identity however, leading us to wonder what, if any actions will be taken to establish the “Green Arrow” as a vigilante distinct from his predecessor, which most of Starling City likely still believes to be Oliver.

Thus far of Arrow Season 4, we know the fourth year is expected to somewhat creatively revamp the series after its Season 3 finale saw Oliver retiring the vigilante lifestyle. In addition to a focus on DC villains H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Season 4 will also introduce Mister Terrific and Batman villain Anarky, and may also feature flashbacks amid Green Lantern’s hometown of Coast City. Current Co-EP Wendy Mericle has been elevated to co-showrunner alongside Marc Guggenheim, and Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander will helm an episode.

We’re still months away from Arrow’s Season 4 premiere, but do all the latest details inspire hope the DC drama can overcome its shaky third season?

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