Less than a week will see ‘The Flash’ racing back to The CW for “Revenge of the Rogues,” while Team ‘Arrow’ gets tragically “Left Behind” in the wake of Oliver’s duel with Ra’s al Ghul. We’ve had plenty of castings and promos to tide us over, but check out extended looks at the chaos in Starling and Central City with two new trailers for our beloved CW superheroes!

More than just Central City’s explosion of villains, the latest trailer for future ‘Flash’ brings with it the show’s trademark blend of humor and heart, interrupting Barry’s date for a bank robbery, and upping Flash’s public profile by his many saves. Plus, the latest trailer offers new looks at ‘American Horror Story’ star Britne Oldford as a metahuman Barry has trouble keeping up with, and even a drunk, karaoke-singing Caitlin! Why not, really.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Merlyn brings some bad news to the ‘Arrow’ crew (despite seemingly taking Oliver’s body for his own ends), while Vinnie Jones’ DC villain Brick takes advantage of the Arrow’s absence to conquer the Glades. We also get a few new looks at Laurel assuming the Black Canary mantle, while Thea continually demonstrates advancing skills to her father. Plus…could a certain hooded hero be returning sooner than expected?

Preview next Tuesday’s ‘Flash’ return “Revenge of the Rogues” above, see who the ‘Arrow’ “Left Behind” below, and give us your predictions for The CW’s 2015 premieres!