The Flash had plenty of looming mysteries to address by the time of 2017 premiere “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” the title of which proved surprisingly literal. Not only were Savitar’s three prophecies shoved aside, but Season 3 laid the groundwork for its two-part musical “Duet” with Supergirl, a certain city of the apes, and more.

You’re warned of full spoilers for the Flash Season 3 midseason premiere, but it only took Barry a few weeks (this time) to finally share a big secret with the team. Yes, Iris’s doom at Savitar’s hands is out in the open (well, save for Joe), inspiring Cisco to vibe Barry back to the future for additional clues.

This time around, Barry and Cisco took much clearer stock of the running headlines beneath the Plunder news story glimpsed in midseason finale “The Present,” hoping the ability to change future news would have a ripple effect of sparing Iris. The headlines essentially provided a road map for the back of Season 3 (including a grim outlook for H.R.’s Central City Museum and Caitlin’s ability to keep Killer Frost in check), but perhaps most tantalizing of all were references to the “Music Meister” and a “Gorilla attack.”

It was only this week that we learned Glee alum Darren Criss would portray the Music Meister, whose menace is said to begin in the March 20 Supergirl episode, and crescendo in the following night’s Flash “Duet.” The premiere’s headline referenced him getting a “six-figure book deal,” so we can at least infer that Music Meister survives the musical crossover, and likely originates from The Flash’s Earth, rather than Supergirl’s Earth-38.

Additionally, the “Gorilla attack” clearly references another two-parter on deck for the latter half of Season 3, as Team Flash revisits Grodd in Gorilla City, meeting fellow DC ape Solovar (Keith David) in the process. From the sounds of things, at least one gorilla will be making it back to Central City for a rampage, if not an army of them.

In the meantime, The Flash will introduce us to comic Justice League character Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) with next week’s “Dead or Alive,” so stay tuned for all the latest on Season 3's big events.

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