Now that ‘Sons of Anarchy’ has come to a close, FX’s year ahead looks brighter than ever, bringing with it premieres for the final season of ‘Justified,’ ‘Archer’’s sixth year, and ‘The Americans’’ return. That said, comedy may win the day, as a new FX trailer previews our first look at Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K.’s ‘Baskets,’ along with Denis Leary’s return in ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.’

Hidden among new footage from the likes of ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show,’ Billy Crystal and Josh Gad’s ‘The Comedians,’ ‘Archer,’ and other FX fare of 2015 and 2016, our first looks at a svelte Galifianakis clowning around doesn’t clarify too much about ‘Baskets,’ other than what we’d previously learned.

Written and co-created by executive producers Galifianakis, Emmy-winner Louis C.K., and Emmy-nominated showrunner Jonathan Krisel (‘Portlandia,’ ‘SNL’), here’s how FX describes the new 10-episode single-camera series, set to debut in 2016:

In a world constrained by corporate interests and the homogenization of society, one man in Bakersfield, California dares to follow his dream of becoming a professional clown. But after an unsuccessful enrollment at a prestigious clowning school in Paris, the only job he can find is with the local rodeo. Baskets follows Chip Baskets’ (Zach Galifianakis) pursuit of his dream, against all odds, to be a respected clown.

Also visible within the promo is Denis Leary’s aging ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ star, described by FX thusly:

SDRR is centered on “Johnny Rock” (Leary), a middle-aged rock ‘n roller who desperately wanted to be rich and famous. So far, he’s 0 for 2. As the magnificently talented lead singer of New York’s legendary early 90's band The Heathens, Johnny was on his way to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  His best friend “Flash” (Corbett) was being called the next number one lead guitar player on planet earth.  The critics loved them.  Their live shows were selling out.

But Johnny had a problem with booze.  And coke.  And weed.  And pills.  And cough medicine.  And oh yeah - he slept with Flash’s wife.  And his bass player’s fiancé. The band broke up the same day their first and only record was released.  25 years later Johnny is trying to get the band back together. Why?  Because as his soon-to-be-ex manager Ira Feinbaum tells him: “Johnny, you’re 50, broke and completely anonymous.  In rock ‘n roll you know what that makes you?  A bartender.” 25 years later the sex might be harder to find, the drugs might be Luvox and Crestor and Cialis - but rock ‘n roll will never die.  It just has a bigger prostate.

Check out our first look through Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K.’s ‘Baskets’ above, as well as Denis Leary’s FX return, and give us your thoughts on the new series in the comments!

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