Things have been relatively quiet on the front of 'Girls' season 3, now filming in New York, as the last announcements we heard put 'Doctor Who' star Richard E. Grant in an unnamed role in the premiere. Now, location shooting has revealed that actress Jennifer Westfeldt, partner to 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm will appear in the upcoming third season of HBO's Golden Globe winner, but as whom?

'GIrls' season 3 very likely won't begin its promotional campaign until much later in the year, but already fans are abuzz with the latest casting news from the New York set. From The Huffington Post, we've learned 'Friends with Kids' star and Jon Hamm's longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt will appear in at least one episode of the new season, having been spotted on the set filming a scene with series star Adam Driver. HBO confirmed the casting, but clarified no details on the actual role.

Elsewhere, little is known of ‘Girls’ season 3, other than its 2014 airdate, expansion to 12 episodes, the departure of series star Christopher Abbott, and recent casting calls that suggested a character would somehow end up in rehab. ‘Doctor Who‘ star Richard E. Grant will take a role in the 2014 premiere as “Jasper,” while (former) ‘The New Normal‘ and occasional ‘Girls’ star Andrew Rannells also expects he’ll return.

We'll keep our ears to the ground for the latest from 'Girls' season 3, but in the meantime, what are you hoping to see next from HBO's controversial Lena Dunham drama?