Assuming by now Simpsons fans have successfully abated fears of Homer and Marge splitting up, Sunday’s Season 27 premiere will still see Girls star Lena Dunham guesting as Homer’s new ladyfriend. Not only that, but our first clip of “Every Man’s Dream” brings Brooklyn to Springfield by way of the full Girls cast.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the first clip of Sunday’s Simpsons premiere brings with it all the girls of Girls, including Dunham as quirky pharmacist Candace, along with Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke as her friends. The voice of their male friend belongs to Hank Azaria, rather than Adam Driver or Alex Karpovsky, but don’t rule out any additional cameos just yet:

We also know of The Simpsons Season 27 (with 28 already confirmed) that Ghostbusters and SNL star Kate McKinnon will lend her voice as a homeless woman Lisa befriends, while another episode will parody Boyhood through Bart’s upbringing, and the “Treehouse of Horror” special will finally allow Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer) to achieve his life’s purpose of killing the boy. Other episodes will also include include Modern Family favorite Sofia Vergara and Broadway star Andrew Rannells.

You can catch The Simpsons premiere clip again above, and stay tuned for the Girl-y new premiere this coming Sunday.

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