Were new trailers for HBO's 'The Newsroom,' 'Boardwalk Empire' and others during last night's 'Game of Thrones' finale not enough? Say no more! 'True Blood' season 6 has spurted out two new looks into the new outing, premiering next Sunday, June 16, and the only thing flying more than the red stuff are the vampires themselves!

Vampires and humans alike are in for all out war when 'True Blood' premieres its sixth season this coming Sunday night. Along with 'Game of Thrones' season 3's finale episode, "Mhysa," HBO served up two tantalizing sneak peeks of the fangbanging hit. This time around, Eric Northman leads the charge, ominously warning that vampires will have to change with the rest of the world in order to survive, now that war has broken out

And speaking of change, was that the newly resurrected Bill we spied warmly greeting the sun? It's a whole new ballgame for 'True Blood' season 6, which already seems jam-packed with new threats to Sookie Stackhouse, from the ancient and powerful Warlow to Bill Compton himself.

‘True Blood’ season 6 features a showrunner change from Mark Hudis to Bryan Buckner, while season 5 guest star and former ‘Last Resort’ star Robert Patrick has been upgraded to series regular. Also present are the return of Anna Camp‘s Sarah Newlin, Luke Grimes as the “Jim Morrison of vampires,” ‘Rubicon’ star Arliss Howard as the sinister Governor Truman Burrell, Rutger Hauer as the mysterious Niall Brigant, ‘House‘'s Karolina Wydra and ‘Eastenders’ star Robert Kazinsky as a series regular and new Fae love interest to Sookie.

Premiering June 16, True Blood’ season 6 will take place over 10 episodes, down from the usual 12, largely to accommodate series star Anna Paquin’s pregnancy with co-star Stephen Moyer. Take a look at the latest trailers above and below, and give us your predictions for 'True Blood''s Sunday premiere in the comments!

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