The impending 2015 close of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at least meant that Agent Carter would return for Season 2 before long, but it seems a force higher than S.H.I.E.L.D. or the SSR will keep Peggy out of the limelight a few weeks. The Agent Carter Season 2 premiere has been pushed back a few weeks, owing to the January 12 State of the Union address. Peggy will not be pleased.

Where originally Marvel and ABC had set a January 5 bow for Agent Carter Season 2, President Obama’s January 12 State of the Union address would interrupt the second season momentum. Subsequently, ABC has pushed back the two-hour premiere to January 19, though it remains unclear if S.H.I.E.L.D. will push back its own March return any further.

Elsewhere of Agent Carter Season 2, we know that The Newsroom alum Wynn Everett will play our new big bad Madame Masque, along with Currie Graham as her husband, Ken Marino as a notable mobster, Kurtwood Smith as War Department vet Vernon Masters, Outlander star Lotte Verbeek as Jarvis’ wife Ana, and Devious Maids alum Reggie Austin as Jason Wilkes, a quirky, yet charismatic scientist, and (definitely) Peggy’s new love interest.

Both Dominic Cooper and Bridget Regan have been confirmed to reprise their roles as Howard Stark and “Dottie Underwood,” joining James D’Arcy, Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray’s Edwin Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, and Jack Thompson, respectively. As of yet, Lyndsy Fonseca has not been confirmed to reprise her role as Peggy’s best gal Angie Martinelli.

We’ll be waiting for Agent Carter Season 2 on January 19, but will Peggy be as patient, or punch more of L.A. in the meantime?

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