Content as they were to reveal one returning guest star at a time, American Horror Story: Hotel seemingly suffered a mishap in recent months, as a purported cast-list leak gave away not only roles, but the likes of such stars as Donald Sutherland and Michelle Pfieffer. Now, series mainstay Sarah Paulson has debunked at least part of the list, but how much?

You’re warned of potential spoilers from here on out, but shortly before the announced return of Angela Bassett, a leaked Hotel roster made the rounds that seemingly confirmed the returns of franchise stars Finn Wittrock, Lily Rabe, Denis O’Hare, Frances Conroy, Grace Gummer, Michael Chiklis and Christine Estabrook. The expansive list also gave off the additions of newcomers Donald Sutherland, Michelle Pfeiffer, Alexander Skarsgard, Tammy Blanchard and Steven Weber.

Granted, Bassett’s casting as a rival singer to Lady Gaga at the titular hotel fit with the leaked document, Sarah Paulson tells The Wrap that at least one aspect ended up misreported:

Here’s the only thing I can give you … I am not playing Janis Joplin. I would love that, that would be amazing, but no, I am not doing that.

Paulson also alluded to Ryan Murphy describing her as a “bad girl” in implying her character as a villain, but it remains to be seen how much, if any of the original report will end up accurate by Season 5's fall premiere. Creator Ryan Murphy had previously spoken of a desire to cast Michelle Pfeiffer, while Skarsgard had been on the shortlist for the first season, though it would seem odd to have kept such names under wraps for so long.

In addition to Sarah Paulson, Bassett and Gaga, the Hotel cast thus far includes Evan Peters, returning Coven alum Kathy Bates, Asylum star Chloe Sevigny, Freak Show guests Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer, along with new additions Cheyenne Jackson. FX boss John Landgraf described American Horror Story Season 5 as an “unusually large reinvention” of the series, while Jessica Lange confirmed her exit, and series stars Denis O’Hare has given an optimistic outlook on appearances.

Season 5 production on American Horror Story: Hotel will commence in California later this summer, but might FX still surprise us with the remaining cast announcements?

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