The Flash has a wide variety of speedsters that could live up to the name in Barry Allen’s absence, but the true scarlet speedster is about to be “Reborn.” See for yourself, as Barry makes a bearded exit from the speed force in a fresh trailer for Season 4.

Like Supergirl before him, The Flash sped out a new trailer for the October premiere, which predictably features Barry emerging from his “Finish Line” jail sentence inside the speed force. Barry naturally looks a bit confused by his surroundings (and did we mention pantsless?), but there’s little time to waste, as Flying Samurai (yes, really) makes off with Iris.

Elsewhere of The Flash Season 4, we know that The 100 alum Neil Sandilands will play new big bad Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe, while Danny Trejo will play Earth-19 bounty hunter and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho)’s father “Breacher.” Kim Engelbrecht will also play DC engineer “The Mechanic,” joined by Hartley Sawyer as DC’s Elongated Man and Katee Sackhoff in a guest role as Blacksmith. Britne Oldford’s Peek-a-Boo will be back for October premiereThe Flash Reborn,” and Season 3 star Tom Felton has stepped down as series regular.

We’ll see more in the coming weeks, but what other surprises might The Flash Season 4 bring?

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