'Girls' season 3 was thrown for a loop shortly after the airing of season 2 finale "Together," when series star Christopher Abbott abruptly quit the series after his character Charlie was positioned to take a more integral role. Now that 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'The Walking Dead' star Michael Zegen has joined 'Girls' season 3, however, speculation has begun that Zegen may replace Abbott in the role rather than portray an original character.

Take this with a grain of salt or two: Deadline announced today that Zegen would join HBO's Golden Globe-winning 'Girls' for season 3, but added that the network purposefully kept details of Zegen's role and duration under wraps, suggesting Zegen might "fill the void left by the sudden departure of Christopher Abbott."

Series star Allison Williams previously teased of her character's season 3 role that Abbott's departure as Charlie would lead to a single Marnie exorcising (exercising) her demons, but it is of interest to note the physical similarities between Michael Zegen and Christopher Abbott in light of HBO's secrecy with the role.

Elsewhere, little is known of ‘Girls’ season 3 other than its 2014 airdate, expansion to 12 episodes, and casting calls that suggested a character would somehow end up in rehab. ‘Doctor Who‘ star Richard E. Grant will take a role in the 2014 premiere as “Jasper,” while (former) ‘The New Normal‘ and occasional ‘Girls’ star Andrew Rannells also expects he’ll return, and 'Mad Men' actor Jon Hamm's wife Jennifer Westfeldt has been observed filming as well.

Well, what say you? Do you think 'Girls' has recast Charlie, or kept Michael Zegen's role under wraps for a different reason? What do you hope to see from 'Girls' season 3 in 2014?