It's been a good long while since we've heard much from the front of 'Girls' season 3, currently in production for a January 2014 premiere, though the Golden Globe-winning Lena Dunham dramedy has continued to add guest stars in the meantime. Latest to enter the Brooklyn fray is 'Like Crazy' star Felicity Jones, while co-showrunner Jenni Konner previewed that the series would take a much more realistic turn in the coming year.

Via The Huffington Post, Jones will take a role opposite 'Doctor Who' star Richard E. Grant, though no other details of Jones' part were made available. Jones isn't the only guest star to join in recent weeks either, as 'Crystal Fairy' star Gabby Hoffmann, 'The To Do List''s Sarah Steele and 'Zero Hour' star Amir Arison have all been announced for roles in season 3.

And while 'Girls' may have the budget for adding guest stars, series co-creator Jenni Konner recently previewed to The Wall Street Journal that the core four characters' strained finances would take on an increased role this year, somewhat addressing common complains about the series.

This year, there is a...focus on financial stability. I can’t say much more. It’s an age thing. There’s only so long you can say you just graduated college.

Here's what we also know about ‘Girls’ season 3: It's got a 2014 airdate, it's been expanded to 12 episodes, and has had casting calls that suggest a character would somehow end up in rehabFormerThe New Normal‘ / occasional ‘Girls’ star Andrew Rannells expects he’ll return, while ‘Mad Men‘ actor Jon Hamm‘s wife Jennifer Westfeldt has been observed filming as well. Michael Zegen (‘Boardwalk Empire‘) has been announced in an unknown role with some speculation that Zegen will replace Christopher Abbott in the role of Charlie.

On a somewhat tangential note, a recent "AskGirls" Twitter Q&A offered a humorous explanation for Charlie's exit from executive producer Judd Apatow, who claimed "I think Charlie went to Korea and switched identities with a deceased soldier named Don Draper." Laughs are laughs, but our inner conspiracy theorist wants to connect Apatow's words to the fact that Don Draper's real-life wife Jennifer Westfeldt was observed filming a funeral scene with star Adam Driver back in May. Hmm...

We'll keep you abreast of the latest 'Girls' season 3 news, but what say you? Are you intrigued to see Hanna, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna learn a bit of financial responsibility in season 3? What guest stars would you like to see join the affair when 'Girls' season 3 debuts in 2014?