Girls creator Lena Dunham has told us before not to expect the twenty-something shenanigans of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshannah to endure forever, and Season 5 may signal the beginning of the end by its first trailer. Not only do the Girls finally seem to be growing up, but one might even be getting married.

HBO released our second look at the February premiere of Girls Season  5, notably following through on a number of plot points from last year, including Hannah’s coupling with Fran (Jake Lacy), and Shoshannah’s move to Japan. Adam Driver also puts in a brief appearance, though it seems Marnie’s wedding day has officially arrived. Hopefully not to Desi, though, because eww.

Thus far, relatively little is known of Girls’ February 21 premiere, though Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna are expected to pick up with the scant Season 4 timejump that saw Hannah turning down Adam’s renewed interest. Elementary star Lucy Liu has also been seen on set playing a version of herself, acting opposite Adam Driver’s character.

You can check  out the trailer again above, and stay tuned for the latest news from HBO.