Marvel’s The Inhumans TV series has a relatively quick turnaround to make a September theatrical release, and as such, will need to be in production by at least spring. We’ve already landed a director for the first installments, while new reports place filming partially in Hawaii.

Production rumors are just that for the moment, though it is the proper timing for the Marvel/ABC production to begin locking down some of its shooting locales. Additional reports have placed Inhumans filming in Los Angeles and Chicago, while Hawaii-based Twitter accounts have indicated production crews either setting up shop or scouting locales in Hawaii:

Certainly, ABC programs have a history of filming in Hawaii, between LOST and the more recent Hawaii Five-0, and it would certainly make sense of Marvel to get their IMAX money’s worth out of those first two episodes. The Inhumans themselves are also famous for the island city of Attilan, though comics haven’t traditionally painted the setting as tropical.

Thus far of Marvel’s The Inhumans, we know that Iron Fist alum Scott Buck will showrun the series for Marvel and ABC, which have already set a September IMAX premiere for its first two episodes. Roel Reine has signed on to direct the first two episodes, though no casting has yet taken place (certainly not for Vin Diesel, who isn’t keen on the TV bit), nor has Marvel clarified what, if any relationship The Inhumans will have to other MCU TV series.

We’ll likely hear about Inhumans casting before long, but does Hawaii sound like a strong possible start for filming?

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