Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist didn’t truly get rolling until the showrunner assignment of Dexter alum Scott Buck, whose next trip to the MCU is much more Inhuman. The forthcoming ABC IMAX drama has officially set Buck as its own showrunner, possibly necessitating a shift in Iron Fist’s future.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Buck will helm The Inhumans for Marvel and ABC, while the report notes that the gig “extends Marvel’s relationship with Buck,” rather than pulling him off any future Iron Fist. The Inhumans has already set a September IMAX premiere for its first two episodes, necessitating a quicker turnaround.

For the moment, few other details of The Inhumans are known, other than a September IMAX release for the first two hours, and subsequent home for all eight episodes on ABC. No casting has yet taken place (certainly not for Vin Diesel), nor has Marvel clarified what, if any relationship The Inhumans will have to other MCU TV series, or the still-possible Inhumans film.

Iron Fist may move forward with a new showrunner for any additional seasons after The Defenders, but what should we expect when The Inhumans hits theaters in 2017?

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