Marvel’s Netflix Luke Cage surprised us all with the release of its first teaser, months ahead of a September 30 premiere, and new details of the Hero for Hire’s live-action return have busted out as well. Victor Frankenstein and Sherlock director Paul McGuigan directed the first two installments of the upcoming series, as revealed on social media.

McGuigan seemingly confirmed the news over Twitter, following past September reports from a music syncing company also claiming as much. Earlier tweets would also support the director’s presence filming in New York around the time Luke Cage set photos first started to emerge:

In addition to Victor Frankenstein and no less than four Sherlock episodes (which is a lot, considering), McGuigan also directed both 2009 Chris Evans thriller Push and 2006's Lucky Number Slevin.

Thus far of Netflix’s Luke Cage, we know that Sons of Anarchy vet Theo Rossi will play “Shades” Alvarez, alongside Mahershala Ali’s Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, Alfre Woodard’s Mariah Dillard, Frank Whaley’s Detective Rafael Scarfe and Simone Missick’s Misty Knight. Marvel menace “Diamondback” has been rumored to appear, while Rosario Dawson is confirmed to her reprise her role as Claire Temple for a more significant arc.

Star Mike Colter has also previously spoken to the musicality and flashbacks of the series, which Cheo Hodari Coker will showrun.

We’ll also likely meet Iron Fist toward the end of the season as well, but stay tuned for more news of Luke Cage’s 2016 premiere!

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