Even as Marvel’s Netflix Defenders will make their global debut in mere hours, we haven’t the clearest sense of Sigourney Weaver’s villainous Alexandra. That changes with a third and final trailer for the team-up miniseries, as the four heroes sit down to dinner with their Hand-y new foe.

As Alexandra puts it, she’s after “the same thing I’ve always wanted … to bring light into the dark, to bring life where there is death.” Along the way, we get new footage like an ominous shot for Eka Darville’s Malcolm, Danny taking a not-quite-iron fist to Matt’s face, and of course, some of those trademark Jessica Jones burns.

Elsewhere, Marvel’s eight-episode Netflix Defenders will feature among the returning cast Elodie Yung, Jessica Henwick, Scott Glenn, Rosario Dawson, Rachael Taylor, Simone Missick, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie-Anne Moss, Elden Henson and Eka Darville. Sigourney Weaver will portray the villainous “Alexandra,” while the team-up series is helmed by Daredevil showrunner Marco Ramirez, and directed in part by Jessica Jones director S.J. Clarkson.

You can also get caught up on The Defenders with our handy (heh) new video, but stay tuned for more from Friday’s premiere.

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